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D. Smith
D. Smith
Sarasota Fl.
January 31, 2016
Marketing/Sales Manager

I had a bad fall on my shoulder after seeing many dr.s over a year span, I was able to see Dr. Bennett. He immediately saw the problem via ultrasound. I had repair surgery on Friday 13th of Nov. I have minimal pain and have been back to work full time. I praise the findings and excellent results of Dr. Bennett. If you're suffering like I was daily, with almost debilitating pain, go see him. I wish I had found him 11 months earlier.

83yr old Female; Walking, Sarasota, FL
83yr old Female; Walking, Sarasota, FL
Posted By: Eleanore C.
December 9, 2014
PRP - Ankle

I had gone to the ER and they were unable to help me, and the pain medication was not helping as well. So I came to see Dr. Bennett about pain in my left ankle. He found out the pain was due to arthritis in my ankle, so he recommended a "PRP" injection in my ankle. After just one injection of the "PRP" in my ankle; it feels so much better. I only have a little bit of discomfort from time to time, but I am very satisfied with the results I have had. I would recommend the PRP injections to anyone, Dr. Bennett is a miracle worker!

Robin Gill
Robin Gill
Hardee County, Florida
November 24, 2014
Arthoscopic/Stem Cell Transplant

Dr. Bennett has provided top notch care and treatment with a decades old injury. My left knee dislocated multiple times through the years, and finally at age 52 I sought treatment for arthoscopic treatment. Dr. Bennett had the medical certification above and beyond what I was looking for. Surgery was quick, and the results are amazing. Current MRI's show the proof of the cartlidge regrowing within the knee and the knee is stable. I have resummed activities that I once thought I could never do. I have recommended Dr. Bennett to family and friends who are amazed at the results. If you are on the fence about seeking medical help - Dr. Bennett is your man!

74 yr old with bad SI joints, had PRP in both joints by Dr Bennett, Ponte VEDRA Bch, Fl
74 yr old with bad SI joints, had PRP in both joints by Dr Bennett, Ponte VEDRA Bch, Fl
Posted By: Bob
June 28, 2014

I had been suffering with SI joint pain for 3 yrs, had RF and Cryo treatments. I read about PRP treatments and found Dr Bennett on the internet,and had both joints and my right hip treated. The results were great, the next day I washed 2 cars, a golf cart and my dog. Dr. Bennett found a tear in labrum of my hip, which a prominent Orthopedic Doctor here PV. missed, even with a current MRI. It's been 4 mo. since the procedure and the SI joints are great, but still have a hip problem. I've been back to see him again about my wrist and hip, so I defintey recommend his services.

76 years old woman. I am a scientist and still ful time working., St Petersburg Florida USA
76 years old woman. I am a scientist and still ful time working., St Petersburg Florida USA
Posted By: Hulya D
May 27, 2014

I am 76 yeas old woman had a severe right hip problem. My orthopedist recomment me total hip replecement surgery. I searched the alternatives and decide to go with stem cell treatment and Dr. William Bennet (very good resume, convensing talk and knowledge, he is local; in Sarasota,Fl). I am glad I did. Here is my letter written to Dr. Bennett just after the treatment:

Dear Dr. Bennett,
Today is the 19th day following application of bone marrow +Blood cells into hip area and I feel big improvement. It is 4th day of second application which was near sensitive tendon region. I do not feel any pain at tendon area either. I don't know how these magic cells works, but works.
Thank you Dr. Bennett.

Age 22 Runner, Pennsylvania
Age 22 Runner, Pennsylvania
Posted By: David G
May 18, 2014
*Adult Stem Cells*

I injured my knee in a bicycle accident at the age of 16 (torn meniscus and cartilage). After numerous surgeries with little to no success I was told by my orthopedic surgeon there was no more he could do. Refusing to give up, I found Dr. Bennett. After a surgery with an addition of PRP later and stem cells, my knee is significantly improved! After years of being unable to run, I now can! Thanks Dr. Bennett!

Educator, administrator of Bishop Nevins Academy, Pastor of St. Martha, Sarasota, FL
Educator, administrator of Bishop Nevins Academy, Pastor of St. Martha, Sarasota, FL
Posted By: Fausto S. Ph.D.
May 1, 2014

I suffered 4 years ago from a recurrent soccer injury when I was a young man ... Dr. Bennett did one of his miraculous, innovative cure (Taking my blood, centrifuge it, inject white cells etc. Since then for the last few years I felt as reborn! Only when I was stepping from a sidewalk I twisted again, but in two days, without any more intervention whatsoever, the foot readjusted itself! My Hat to you dear doctor Bennett, and may God continue to bless your ministry of mercy and incredible cure to us, former athletes. In Jesus' love, Fr. Fausto

Avid Golfer, Lakewood Ranch, Florida
Avid Golfer, Lakewood Ranch, Florida
Posted By: Shirley B
April 30, 2014

Dr. Bennett repaired my miniscus, two Achilles tendons, and repaired a rotator cuff. My golf game is better then ever. Thanks so much Dr. Bennett for all your help.

84-year old female with arthritis who enjoys walking, Sarasota, FL
84-year old female with arthritis who enjoys walking, Sarasota, FL
Posted By: A. Yolanda O.
April 28, 2014

After a fall in which my knee simply "gave way," and after experiencing increasing pain, I heard about Dr. Bennett and saw the amazing results from PRP treatment in a friend of mine whose passion for walking was able to be pursued after being treated by him. I had three injections, with amazing results within a couple of weeks. The improvement continued as time went on, and now, four months later, I am back to my baseline. Thank you, Dr. Bennett, for your genuine concern, professionalism, and dedication to pursuing new developments in orthopedic treatment!

randy baltis
randy baltis
naples florida
January 3, 2015

I came to Sarasota FLorida in early November to have a stem cell injection put into my right wrist. I'm 64 years old and an avid golfer, In the last two years I've played perhaps 25 games. I had to stop playing in August because the pain and inflammation in my wrist was unbearable. Since the injection two months ago the swelling has gone down and the pain has almost dissipated. I also have more movement and rotation in the wrist than in the past two years. I would like to thank Dr.Bennett for all he has done
Sincerely R. Baltis

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