Orthopedic Injury Treatment- Platelet Rich Plasma PRP

What is PRP? How does it work? What is it used for?

prp sarasota treatmentHere at Bennett Orthopedics, the application and use of PRP-platelet rich plasma for orthopedic injuries and conditions was introduced about 6 years ago for in-office applications. Dr. Bennett has been utilizing PRP with surgical procedures for several years

PRP is a way to accelerate and enhance natural healing processes.

Platelets are found in your blood. While they are not cells, they carry a number of important proteins-enzymes-cytokines called growth factors that are utilized to direct tissue healing and counter inflammation. Essentially a procedure is performed in Dr. Bennett’s office, where a small amount of blood is drawn, just like at the laboratory for annual “lab work”. The blood is placed into one of several types of centrifuges Dr. Bennett owns (which one depends on the type of injury he’s treating), spun, and the platelets are concentrated anywhere from 2.0 to 8.0 times the normal level. The platelets are suspended in a small amount of your own plasma- from your blood- and immediately injected into the injury site, guided by ultrasound, to deliver a super-charged healing cocktail.

What is PRP Used for?

At Bennett Orthopedics, Dr. Bennett utilizes an MSK ultrasound to direct the injection, as the ultrasound allows him to see the needle enter the precise location of the injury in order to get the best possible results.

For years PRP was utilized by veterinarians for race horse injuries, as well as by oral surgeons and plastic surgeons. Professional athletes have been being treated this way for decades as well. The procedure has become more mainstream over the last few years in orthopedics, and Dr. Bennett was one of the early-adopters of this technology, putting him aheadof the pack on the learning curve.

Common PRP Treatments

Dr. Bennett has successfully treated tendon, ligament, cartilage, and muscle injuries as well as osteoarthritis. Below are examples conditions successfully treated with PRP. You may have heard of:

  • tennis elbow
  • ankle arthritis- cartilage injury- tendonitis- plantar fasciitis
  • golfer’s elbow
  • jumper’s knee, knee ACL tears, knee and hip arthritis and
  • rotator cuff tears

See below a list of the conditions treated successfully at Bennett orthopedics and Sportsmedicine:

You need to know however, that All PRP Treatment is NOT the Same

Before racing out to what at first glance seems like the least expensive place for PRP treatment, know that all systems create different concentrations of platelets and some vary by white blood cell content, stem cell content and fibrinogen content.

SO.. PRP is not PRP is not PRP….

Dr. Bennett has 4 different kinds of equipment with which to make PRP and he utilizes various concentrations for different tissue injuries and also within the same patient at different healing times.

Dr. Bennett’s immediate services area is Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, North Port, Englewood and Lakewood Ranch, Florida. With easy access to Tampa-St. Petersburg Airports, as well as Ft Myers airport, his reach extends to Naples, Port Charlotte, out-of-state and International patients.

  • PRP Shoulder Elbow
  • PRP Knee Hip Ankle
  • PRP Orthopedics
  • PRP Sports Injury
  • PRP Arthritis

What can you expect?

PRP Presentation PDF-Part 1

PRP Presentation PDF-Part 2

PRP Presentation PDF-Part 3

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PRP Pricing

Please be aware the PRP Procedure price DOES NOT include the office visit or the ultrasound. Most insurance companies do NOT typically pay for PRP procedures. We will bill your insurance company for the office visit (99213 or 99214) and the ultrasound (76681). If your insurance should apply any amount of those charges to patient responsibility (copay, coinsurance, deductible, etc.) then you will be responsible for those charges. The price of the PRP covers the cost of the PRP kits, Centrifuge, processing, Local Anesthesia, Phlebotomist and the actual procedure of injecting the Platelet Rich Plasma.

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