Sacroliac Joint Pain

Sacroliac joint dysfunction can result in pain. This joint is also called the S.I. joint. The sacrum, to which your tail bone is attached at the bottom, called the coccyx, is a triangular-trapezoidal shaped bone , also to which the spine connects on its top side. Each sideof the sacrum attaches to the pelvis-specifically the ilias wings. The joint between the sacrum and the pelvis is called the scaroliac joint and there are two of them.

The lower part is rather rigid. Th eupperjoint is actually like a knee or shoulder joint in that it has joint fluid and an articulating surface that can move. Thus if one side slips the joint is out of alignment and manipulation often can help.

Youmay have degenerative discs in the low back or scoliosis, both conditions can aggravate the sacroliac joint. Additionally, if your ligaments are a bit loose , this too can predispose you to sacroliac joint dysfunction.

Many patients, despite manipulation can continue to have chronic scaroliac joint dysfunction and pain.

Injections of the joint can help. Traditionally, a steroid is injected into the joint.

At Bennett Orthopedics and Sportsmedicine, we have been utilizing platelet rich plasma to inject joints. Dr. Bennett utilizes a muskuloskeletal specific ultrasound machine toview the joint space directly. With this machine he can see the needle and place it directly into the joint.

Platelet rich plasma or PRP is a concenntrated regenerative injection that is derived completely from your own blood. The platelets direct tissue healing and are beneficial to cartilage damage or arthritic SI joints.

The process takes about 50 minutes and can all be accomplished at the same office visit.

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