Shoulder Dislocation Sarasota

Shoulder dislocations are typically accompanied by pain, instability, weakness, or numbness. Visible bruising and swelling may occur. The shoulder’s great mobility makes it more likely to become dislocated, and it can dislocate forward, backward, or down. This can injure the surrounding tendons, ligaments, and nerves, so it is important to see an orthopedic shoulder surgeon with the skills to repair the injury and return as much mobility as possible. Dislocations can reoccur if not properly repaired.

Shoulder Subluxation

This term refers to partial dislocation, where the arm bone is part way out of the socket. With a complete dislocation, the arm bone is entirely out of the socket. Anterior instability, which often occurs with throwing sports, refers to a forward slip of the shoulder. Procedures to repair shoulder dislocation entail putting the upper arm bone back in the socket (“closed reduction”), and possibly repairing torn ligaments.

Dr. William Bennett is globally recognized for his expertise in shoulder surgery. For 16 years he has excelled at treating all types of shoulder injuries. He has successfully used minimally invasive (arthroscopic) procedures to treat every type of shoulder injury except arthritis. Dr. Bennett stands apart from other shoulder surgeons due to his internationally recognized contributions to surgical literature about the role of the biceps pulley. Often, with shoulder dislocation, other injuries around biceps pulley may be overlooked. Dr. Bennett’s special expertise in this area allows him to stabilize the biceps pulley as well as ball and socket, for better outcomes.

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