4 Common Stem Cell FAQs

Stem cell research is a progressive addition to multiple areas of medicine, including orthopedic surgery. Adult stem cells found in bone marrow, blood, and fat can be invaluable in regenerating injured cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. Stem cell therapy can even be used as an alternative to surgery.

Adult stem cell treatment isn’t as widespread as other orthopedic treatment methods. Therefore, there are many questions surrounding it and its effects. Below, we’ve provided detailed answers to four frequently asked questions about stem cells to help boost knowledge on this valuable medical treatment.

What are the Advantages of Using Stem Cells during Surgery?

Throughout years of study on patients who have undergone surgery, both with stem cells and without, stem cells show a handful of distinct benefits. Patients commonly experience faster recovery times and less pain or discomfort when stem cells are used in surgery. With a shortened amount of time needed for rehab after a surgery, patients can spend less money on PT visits.

Another major advantage that stem cells can provide is healthier tissue. In surgery, torn tissues must be brought together. When stem cells are used in surgery, the treated tissues are in better condition.

What Happens during a Stem Cell Procedure?

Stem cell procedures are either performed in an office or during surgery. Before the procedure, oral prescriptions will be given to increase patient comfort. During the procedure, mesenchymal stem cells are extracted from bone marrow in the pelvis. A special needle is used for extraction, and the sensation is described as temporary pressure.

After the stem cells are prepared in centrifugal equipment, they’re injected into the treatment area.

What is the Recovery Period for Stem Cell Procedures?

The use of stem cells can cut recovery times for orthopedic procedures significantly. For those who undergo hip and knee stem cell therapy, a cane should be used for three weeks following the procedure to facilitate mobility. While exact recovery times vary depending on the procedure and the individual, stem cell procedures are known to allow for a fast return to regular activities.

How Much Does Stem Cell Treatment Cost?

In-office stem cell procedures cost about $5,300. For stem cell treatments done in conjunction with surgical procedures, the cost is approximately $4,300. Oral pain medications can add an extra cost, but most insurances cover these prescriptions. Also, for uninsured patients, the oral medications are affordable.

The increased awareness and understanding of stem cell treatments in the field of orthopedics can translate to several benefits for patients. Thus, stem cell therapy is worth considering for many people and the questions above may act as an introduction to this type of rehabilitation.

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