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67yr old Male; Fishing, Walking, Tierra Verde, FL
Posted By: Wilmer C.
December 18, 2013
PRP - Bilateral Knees & Hip

I was having pain in my hip and both knees, xrays showed severe arthritis in both my knees. It was painful to walk especially on my right side. I came to see Dr. Bennett to see what he could do for me, to help me avoid surgery. I had three injection of "PRP" on my right knee it is about 70-80% better, and after just one injection of "PRP" on my left knee it is at 90% better. I just recently had one injection of "PRP" on the left and right side of my SI Joint and it is 90% improved. I could not be happier, I highly recommend these injections to anyone!

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26yr old Male; Chef, Hunting, Fishing, Port Charlotte, FL
Posted By: John G.
December 19, 2013
Labral Repair & PRP

After two years of dealing with a shoulder injury, I had surgery done by a physician in Port Charlotte. After the surgery provided no relief, I was referred to Dr. Bennett by my primary physician. Dr. Bennett performed shoulder surgery on my left shoulder with the addition of "PRP" and after a little less than 2months post-op, my shoulder is 90% improved.

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21 years old, male, Bradenton, FL
Posted By: Jeffrey D.
December 20, 2013
PRP Injections (left) - Microfracture with PRP (right)

I have had significant knee pain in my right and left knees. My left knee was treated two years ago with a PRP injection and it feels great. My right knee was treated this past Summer to repair a torn meniscus and micro-fracture with PRP as well. The pain I dealt with in that knee for 4-5 years is gone. I do lots of physical training with the Army up in the mountains of Vermont and without these procedures I do not think it would be possible. Dr. Bennett has helped me continue to pursue my dream of becoming an Army officer. I recommend him to anyone.

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70yr old male, racquet ball, Lakewood Ranch, FL
Posted By: Peter S.
January 7, 2014
PRP Injections - Shoulder Arthritis

I am an avid racquet ball player, at least 2-3 times per week. I came to see for my left shoulder. I was having severe pain and loss of range of motion, my shoulder would wake me up in the middle of the night from the pain. I did not want to have shoulder surgery, so I went to see Dr. Bennett in September of 2012 to see if I would be a candidate for PRP. I had 3 injections to the left shoulder, and although the pain has not completely subsided I have definitely noticed relief. I no longer have pain when just sitting, and the pain at night has decreased significantly. I would recommend the PRP injections to anyone who is looking to put-off or avoid surgery.

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Female, age 60, very active person, much sports younger ages, paralegal/transcriptionist, St Petersburg, Florida
Posted By: Christine S.
January 13, 2014
Shoulder Surgery & PRP

At age 29 I had my first bursitis attack in right shoulder, "babied" it for another 29 years. One year ago, holiday time (Thanksgiving - Christmas) 2012, the pain in right shoulder was extremely severe to hinder good times with family and friends. In February 2013 I sought a surgeon who upon results of MRI right shoulder wanted to repair two huge rotator cuff tears immediately. Albeit the left shoulder showed same signs of pain; MRI revealed a partial tear. Surgeon wanted to surgery right then left 3 months later. My daughter who was a clinical research assistant for major pharmaceutical companies and a bachelor's degree in biology, searched the internet for surgical techniques for my review. Hence she came upon doctors in Colorado who did PRP and stem cell injections at time of surgery (or not). Since my first surgeon did not do PRP or stem cell therapy, daughter searched the internet for someone local, hence our coming to Dr. Bennett for my first visit in October 2013. November 15, 2013 was surgery by Dr. Bennett to repair my very bad rotator cuff tears x2 and more. What a successful result with having PRP at surgery, and now 8 weeks post-op with physical therapy, I (and Dr B) feel the result is beyond the normal range of recovery. Albeit I was one of the 20% of people, mainly women (via internet search) who experience right hand and right breast swelling, with a much painful hand, at 4 weeks post-op I was able to again type my normal 75-100 words per minute, and can now seek work again. Hooray!! and God Bless Dr. Bennett. Regarding the left shoulder, there is a partial rotator cuff tear, which after consulting with Dr. Bennett, we've agreed to try physical therapy and PRP injections afterwards to try to avoid surgery. Thank you.

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I am a rural mail carrier for the United States Postal Service, Cape Coral, Fl
Posted By: Larry C
January 14, 2014
Rotator Cuff Repair & PRP

I am extremely pleased with the results of the surgery performed by Dr. Bennett. I had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder prior by another surgeon and I delayed getting my left shoulder repaired because the previous surgery hurt so bad and took forever to get better. My daughter told me about Dr. Bennett and the great things he was doing so I came to see him. He repaired my left shoulder arthroscopically. I had the blood platelett therapy and drops and I was amazed how quickly my shoulder got better. There is no comparison to the prior repair on my right shoulder. I am very happy!

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I am a retired pharmacist, an 80 year old widow. Very non-athletic, Avon Park, FL
Posted By: Janet F.
January 14, 2014
Hip Replacement & Shoulder Surgery

Dr Bennett did a total hip replacement in 1999. This was after I was experiencing pain in my knee. I had had x-rays, and an MRI of my knee by 2 doctors. When I saw Dr. Bennett, he quickly diagnosed the trouble as coming from my hip. I am still walking without pain on my "new" hip.
In 2011, I was having pain in my shoulder, once again, x-rays and therapy didn't help the problem. I returned to Dr. Bennett who did an MRI, which revealed a tear in the shoulder muscle and rotator cuff. Again I am doing well with my repaired shoulder.
I am a great believer in getting a proper diagnosis for orthopedic problems. Thank you, Dr. Bennett!!

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Like to work in yard, North Port
Posted By: Linda E-S
January 15, 2014
Adult Stem Cells & Shoulder Surgery

I initially saw Dr. Bennett in January 2013. My left shoulder was injured in a dog incident in the neighborhood. My MRI showed that I had a labral tear (the cartilage was torn from my scapula bone. Dr. Bennett used 3 screws to reattach the tissue and I had PRP during surgery. My post surgery recovery was nearly pain free. My PT was going great until I sorta had a fall and some too aggressive self physical therapy and became limited in PT by pain. After several weeks of pain management and light PT my shoulder began stiffening up and 'froze'. Dr. Bennett performed a rotator cuff release surgery and again injected my shoulder using PRP. In August 2013 Dr. Bennett injected my own stem cells into my shoulder and I am very happy to report that after 5 months my shoulder feels happy again. I can accomplish most anything I want to do without pain. Thank you Dr. Bennewtt for your skill and knowledge and God's grace.

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68yr old male, Avid Golfer, Bradenton, FL
Posted By: Richard F.
January 16, 2014
Rotator Cuff Repair & PRP

In February 2013 I severely tore my rotator cuff in my right shoulder. I waited one month thinking I would heal, which did not happen. I went to a local orthopedic group here in Bradenton and had Xrays and an MRI. The surgeon there stated that because of the extent of the injury there would be a 50% chance of attaching all of the tendons. I was not satisfied with his diagnosis! I had heard about Dr. William Bennett and decided to get a second opinion. Dr. Bennett assured me that the surgery would be successful and on March 26, 2013 I had arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder. Dr. Bennett suggested the PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment which was added during my surgery, he had advised that it would aid in a faster recovery time and less pain. I was astonished at how fast I recovered! I was told by many people that had the same surgery it would take 6-8 months and that I could not play golf until after the 8th month. I started to swing golf clubs in July 2013 and was playing 18 holes by August. I was a 15 handicap before the surgery in March, and dropped to a 10 handicap as of September 2013. I can't thank Dr. Bennett enough for his surgical expertise and professional advice!!

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77yr old female; I like walking, swimming, reading & playing cards, I live in Villlage in the Pines in Sarasota
Posted By: Dolores T S.
February 24, 2014

Dr.Bennett did a knee replacement surgery on my left knee on Nov. 14, 2013, The day after surgery he took me for a walk without a cane or walker. Just holding my hand. I walked and without pain. I was at home and walking with a cane two days after I came home from the hospital. I can't praise Dr. Bennett enough because of the wonderful treatment I received. It is three months since my surgery and I am pretty much back to normal. I recommend him to all people needing knee surgery. Dolores S.

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