Patient Testimonials

Linda Rains
Sarasota, Florida
January 31, 2016

Dr. Bennett repaired a massive rotator cuff injury on my left shoulder, in which all 4 tendons were torn, on October 19, 2015. At my request he injected the site with my Stem Cell and PRP. On December 21, only 9 weeks later, I was released from Physical Therapy, with only follow-up at home on my own for strengthening. Compared to national averages and everyone I know who has had a similar surgery, this is truly remarkable. I thank Dr. Bennett for his expert skills as a surgeon and would recommend him to anyone facing this kind of injury. I would also highly recommend the Stem Cell and PRP. Linda Rains

Chelsea Zgrabik
Sarasota, FL
January 31, 2016
Athlete (Division 1 and professional)

I have been an athlete for 17 years including professionally for the USA women's junior national softball team in 2010/2011, but during my sophomore year of Division 1 softball I started having severe knee pain which was restricting me from competing at that elite level. Being a catcher and having knee pain, I was looking for any procedure that would be minimally invasive, provide the most benefit, and have quickest turn around for rehab without having to risk the damage I would receive from cortisone shots. I wanted to avoid cortisone shots at all costs. So, I went to Dr. Bennett and he diagnosed me with cartilage damage in my knee and recommended PRP injections, which I had heard nothing about prior to going to Dr. Bennett. I received 3 injections in a month's time frame and the rehab was only a few weeks. I received the shots in the fall of 2012 and I have had no knee pain for the past 3 years!! The injections were quick and required little rehab afterwards. I was able to play out the rest of my eligibility and I am now able to still squat and play without any pain. PRP injections turned my sophomore season around and I cannot say enough about how much I would recommend this procedure! It does not tear down your body like cortisone injections do! Being pain free is worth paying for! Thank you Dr. Bennett!!

D. Smith
Sarasota Fl.
January 31, 2016
Marketing/Sales Manager

I had a bad fall on my shoulder after seeing many dr.s over a year span, I was able to see Dr. Bennett. He immediately saw the problem via ultrasound. I had repair surgery on Friday 13th of Nov. I have minimal pain and have been back to work full time. I praise the findings and excellent results of Dr. Bennett. If you're suffering like I was daily, with almost debilitating pain, go see him. I wish I had found him 11 months earlier.

Paul Matthews
Venice Florida
April 1, 2016

My story, I have been dealing with joint problems for 30 years . I am a retired landscaping contractor that has abused his body for many years getting the job done. After suffering with hip issues for many years I finally had my left hip joint replaced , this worked great but 3 years later my right hip needed the same procedure so I went ahead with this . The hips have been wonderful,no pain ,no problems. About 2 years after my second hip I started having problems with my right knee so I had this arthouscopicly fixed . All these issues I believe to be from the work I did for many years . Then about 15 years ago I fell in love with fly fishing , I have traveled all over world enjoying my passion it is very important to me . I started having issues with my casting shoulder about 5 years ago . I have witnessed my casting ability go from the very best to mabey average and it has been frustrating to say the least ,I am 59 years old and cast like I am 79 all because of the pain and the limited range of motion . I decided to have my shoulder replaced about 2 years ago and started looking for the surgeon to do it . After the MRI's CT scans and x-rays there was no doubt from the surgeons point of view I needed to have this done . The arthritis, the bone spits and general breakdown of the joint was not fixable . There was one problem , After all these other surgeries and long recoveries I did not want to do it ,no way ,no how, but I had no choice .
My wife and I were at a party 3 days before my replacement surgery and were visiting with a person who had just completed her stem cell procedure and the PRP follow up and could not say enough good about how her shoulder was doing . At first I was mad because I had made up my mind and damit I wasn't going to change. But after listening to her for a while I decided ,what the heck can't hurt ,might help I'll try it . She recommended I contact DR Bennett and see what could be done . On 1/22/16 I had my stem cell procedure with no 6 month recovery ,no pain it was very easy . 4 weeks out almost all the pain was gone I was amazed I never thought it would work , my range of motion was about the same but ,no pain . So I put it to the test I took a trip to the Everglades in search of tarpon with a 12WT fly rod. Not only did I cast for 3 days 8 hrs each day I boated 3 150lbs. Tarpon on the fly . This is something fly fisherman work for all there lives and I did it in a weekend. Undeliverable. I suffered a minor setback from my Rottweiler pulling on her leash chasing a rabbit but went back and finished my PRP injections and know I will be just fine. From the biggest skeptic I believe this works and joint replacement is now the last option . Paul Matthews

Joyce Ciambor
North Port, Florida
April 8, 2016
Retired Chemist/Perfumer

I suffered for three years with pain in my dominant arm from an injury sustained while walking my dog. Dr. Bennett repaired my badly damaged rotator cuff during July 2015. Since I am an active senior who enjoys swimming, scuba diving and dancing I elected to have the PRP injection during my arthroscopic surgery to facilitate healing.
I was amazed at how minimal the post-op pain and how quickly I healed. Within four months I was swimming!
I believe Dr. Bennett is a brilliant Orthopedic surgeon and one whom I would highly recommend.

Janet Bolt
Sarasota, FL
April 22, 2016
PRP Treatment

I highly recommend Dr. Bennett and this is my Testimony:
After I slipped on a slick floor which was followed by 6 months of crippling knee pain that was diagnosed as a bruised/sprained bursa joint during which I went thru a series of steroid shots and the Euflexxa 3-shot series for a bone on bone condition that x-rays and MRI’s confirmed that I did not have.
A friend of mine in Colorado had had a successful stem cell treatment on her bone-on-bone knee and so I was encouraged by her pain-free results and when I finally could not bear the pain any longer I researched the Sarasota, FL area and found Dr. William Bennett to see if he could diagnose why the bursa joint was still so painful after all of the former treatments.
After reviewing my previous x-rays and MRI’s Dr. B performed an ultrasound, himself, on my knee. It was immediately and clearly visible that I had a torn meniscus which had never been diagnosed in the past 6 months.
Since my knee was not bone-on-bone and I was not a candidate for the stem cell treatment, Dr. B recommended the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment with which he had had previous success. He believed, in my case, if the PRP was successful it would mend the torn meniscus and thereby giving me more support for the bursa joint.
I had the PRP treatment done, by him, in his surgical office that very day. The procedure was totally pain free, and I will try to describe in layman’s terms what was done:
Blood was drawn, the blood and some white blood cells are whirled in a centrifuge machine which separated the rich platelets from the used ones and a concentration of platelets in a small amount of plasma created the PRP. The PRP was then injected into the meniscus, the bursa and several places around the knee that were arthritic. The whole process took around 30 minutes.
I went into Dr. Bennett’s office in terrible pain and using a walker and after the PRP treatment I got up from the table unassisted walked out of his office on my own and have been walking unassisted and virtually pain-free since March 23, 2016. I hope my story and my review will encourage others to keep searching until you find either Dr. Bennett in Sarasota, FL or a doctor that performs these types of treatments in lieu of total knee replacement unless, it’s unavoidable.
When I went for my 2 week checkup, Dr. Bennett was surprised and overjoyed that I was doing so well and that the PRP treatment was successful so quickly for me after I had suffered for such a long time and that the bursa joint was also virtually painless.
God Bless Dr. Bennett and PRP.

Gerard Y.
Gainesville, FL.
October 22, 2017
update on PRP on left knee

It has been about 4 years since I have received PRP injection on my left knee. My left knee is still going strong. I have had no pain in my left since my knee healed up from the PRP injection. Dr. Bennett has done an outstanding job fixing up my knee! Thank you so much!

John Krist
Northport Fl.
October 26, 2017

I had shoulder surgery in January 2017.Severe tear and other damage.Dr. Bennett did a fantastic job of repairing my shoulder.Went above and beyond to do my surgery as i had other health issues to deal with.Back to normal and would highly recommend Dr. Bennett.

Default Avatar55
Parent in Pain
Posted By: Scott O
June 27, 2018

It took me two months of constant pain to come to my senses and see Dr Bennett about my knee and two days after the plasma therapy I was feeling better. When the cycle was finished I was not limping and able to play with my children again. I never should have waited so long.

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