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83yr old Female; Walking, Sarasota, FL
Posted By: Eleanore C.
December 9, 2014
PRP - Ankle

I had gone to the ER and they were unable to help me, and the pain medication was not helping as well. So I came to see Dr. Bennett about pain in my left ankle. He found out the pain was due to arthritis in my ankle, so he recommended a "PRP" injection in my ankle. After just one injection of the "PRP" in my ankle; it feels so much better. I only have a little bit of discomfort from time to time, but I am very satisfied with the results I have had. I would recommend the PRP injections to anyone, Dr. Bennett is a miracle worker!

randy baltis
naples florida
January 3, 2015

I came to Sarasota FLorida in early November to have a stem cell injection put into my right wrist. I'm 64 years old and an avid golfer, In the last two years I've played perhaps 25 games. I had to stop playing in August because the pain and inflammation in my wrist was unbearable. Since the injection two months ago the swelling has gone down and the pain has almost dissipated. I also have more movement and rotation in the wrist than in the past two years. I would like to thank Dr.Bennett for all he has done
Sincerely R. Baltis

Gloria B
January 16, 2015
Custom Total Knee replacement

I had surgery 6 months ago and have great range of motion with no pain. Did therapy which helped and I am now doing bicycle therapy daily. Fast recovery and excellent results.

Orlando, Florida
February 27, 2015

I am a registered nurse attending UCF working on my BSN degree, raising my young children, played competitive tennis and participated in country and ball room dancing until one day in May 1983 my right cruciate ligament tore during the last tennis match for the season when I did a backhand slam at the net. That changed my life drastically. I ended up having surgery an open reduction surgery to repair the tear followed with physical therapy for 18 months while on crutches and, enduring the pain on my own because I could not take any medication do to my allergies. Every night I would be awakened with pain. In 2005 I agreed to have an arthroscopy with my Orthopedic doctor in Clermont, Florida with the hope of "correcting the problem and alleviating the continuous pain and suffering. One week after surgery at the post op visit, my doctor told me that "you are a candidate for a Total Knee Replacement". I was in shock and responded " not over my dead body". It was at that point that I began looking,searching and praying for another way to treat my knee problems. I even had two series of the Orthovisc injections into the knee which only " masked" the symptoms but did not "cure" the problem.
At this point in my life, I had developed arthritis of the knee joint, the anterior cruciate ligament and the medial cruciate ligaments both were worn and torn with years of use and the meniscus was now bone on bone. Very painful with every step.
I started reading about stem cells with the hope that one day they might help me. I kept searching the internet and one day I read about this Orthopedic doctor in Sarasota, Florida who is using stem cells successfully. I called Dr. Bennett's office, made an appointment and during my initial visit, he used my own stem cells to inject into my right knee. Immediately following, the stem cells began to cure my knee. The night of the first injection was the first time in years that I could sleep without pain. Two weeks later I returned for a follow- up visit to receive another injection to the other side of my knee. I drove myself home to Orlando without any problems. By the third week, Dr. Bennett told me that my knee was 100% cured . I was ecstatic! Finding Dr. Bennett was a prayer answered. I was healed. I had no down time. Went to work 12 hour shifts the next day and never lost any work. Never had any pain since. Walked out of his office without any crutches.
Every day I am very thankful to have found Dr. Bennett and Every day I run into someone in need of treatment and do not hesitate to refer them to Dr. Bennett who took such good care of me.
He is very knowledgeable, gentle and has a great sense of humor.
I was so elated with the stem cell results that I wrote my Graduate Thesis for my MSN Degree on Stem cells and presented to over 100 people. At the end of my presentation I shared my personal experience how Dr. Bennett saved me from having a Total Knee Replacement. At my three year follow-up exam Dr. Bennett was happy to tell me that my knee remains remarkable today.
Dr. Bennett is the BEST.
I am a very happy camper.

Frank G
February 28, 2015
PRP for wrist

Dr. Bennett did a great job with PRP to repair a tendon, cartilage and TFC injury in my left wrist. Took 2 treatments but is now 90% good and I can golf again. Great work.

Kyle K.
March 3, 2015

I had a complete tear in one tendon and partial tears in two others in my left shoulder. After significant research on the repair options, I came to Dr. Bennett for surgical repair augmented with PrP and stem cells. Within 6 weeks following treatment, my shoulder was pain free with a range of motion which far exceeded others with the same injury treated by "traditional" methods. It's now been almost a year and I can tell little difference between my two shoulders. Dr. Bennett's work and treatment regimen are the best on the planet ! I would very highly recommend Dr. Bennett to anyone considering this type of treatment !

Kathryn Falk
August 19, 2015
Founder of RT Book Reviews Magazine

I am thrilled with the results of my treatment for hip replacement with stem cells and PRP by Dr. Bennett. My constant chronic pain has subsided.
I feel improvement in my walking every day, after just one month. Knowing I may not need surgery and freedom from pain has lifted my spirits and I feel more energetic and "youthful." Like others I know who have had stem cells I FEEL BETTER.
As an aside, listening to Frank Sinatra as background music during the procedure adds to the experience, which is, by the way, quite tolerable.
The Dr. is an expert with the needle. The procedure is done with numbing cream and pain pill. Taking a pain pill for a day or two afterwards is highly recommended, especially after the bone marrow extraction.

Roger L.
Bradenton, FL
August 23, 2015

PRP Injections - No cartilage & severe arthritic condition in both shoulders. I had severe pain in both shoulders with limited movement. At age 72 I ruled out a complete shoulder replacement. I found Dr. Bennett's website on the internet & after consulting with him decided on PRP injections in both shoulders. There was no downtime after the procedure & within days I had a 35% to 40% improvement in my range of motion. The pain has been reduced in the months that followed by 70% to 80%. Although there is still some discomfort it sure beats the alternative surgery and the six months to a year of being immobilized. I highly recommend this procedure & Dr. Bennett.

Ralph Morgan
October 21, 2015

Dr. Bennett rebuilt my left knee and I was able to walk the day it was done. The stem cell injection accelerated the healing process and I am pleased, and proud, to say that I am two months into recovery and I have no pain and I am able to begin to do all of the things that make my life enjoyable. Dr. Bennett has great hands and a passion for positive results. I won't ever go anywhere else for the surgeries that he performs. Henry, Dr. Bennett's assistant, is a great guy to work with. His compassion for the patients that come to Dr. Bennett is refreshing and supportive. This has been a great experience.

Lesley J Melahn
Englewood, FL
November 18, 2015
Sports Enthusiast

I have been suffering from a badly torn rotator cuff since 2006 and have researched the ill favored surgical procedure where many patients report less than 75% recovery,much pain, and at least 6 months of down time involving expensive and painful physical therapy, as well as frequent re-injury.

Dr. William Bennett performed the stem cell injections on my shoulder August 12, 2015 and within 90 days I am 90% healed, and expect full recovery by the end of the year. I HIGHLY recommend making an appointment with Dr. Bennett and re-claim your quality of life! His expertise and knowledge in this new field are most definitely the future trend of healing.

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