3 Things You Always Wanted to Know about PRP

Platelet-rich plasma has revolutionized the medical industry, and made it possible to generate deep and effective healing in a way that has never been seen before. Dr. Bennett has successfully used PRP in many procedures, minimizing pain and downtime in his patients. Even if you’ve heard plenty of discussion about PRP, you may still have…Continue Reading

Effects of Exercise in Preventing Soccer Injuries

Dr. Bennett and the staff at Bennett Orthopedics see soccer injuries on a regular basis. Soccer is an intense contact sport that commonly results in injury, which is why a group of researchers recently completed an investigation to determine the effects of exercise-based  injury prevention programs. After studying a number of controlled trials, the research…Continue Reading

AAOS Issues First Guidelines on Hip Osteoarthritis

On April 5, 2017, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) published its first guidelines relating to the treatment of hip osteoarthritis in an effort to “systematically evaluate the evidence and provide recommendations on clinically relevant topics for practicing orthopedic surgeons.” The Pediatric Orthopedic Society of North America, the America Physical Therapy Association, and the American…Continue Reading

The Cost Effectiveness of PRP in Treating Knee Osteoarthritis

There are countless different conditions that can impact the body as it ages, but osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the most chronic degenerative joint diseases. Rather than assuming knee-replacement surgery is the only answer, the innovations within regenerative medicine over the last decade have made it possible for younger, middle-aged, and older patients alike to…Continue Reading

Increases in ACL Tears in Young Patients and the Use of PRP Therapy

An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear is one of the most common knee injuries suffered by athletes involved in high-intensity sports like soccer, football, and basketball. Based on the anatomy of the knee, a torn ACL can cause excruciating, debilitating pain and an extensive recovery process. Unfortunately, data shows that the prevalence of ACL tears…Continue Reading

Shoulder Instability Repair: Balancing Outcome with Patient Expectations

When it comes to any type of orthopedic repair, specifically shoulder instability repair, it is vital for surgeons to understand the expectations of patients in order to balance their predictions with realistic outcomes. Patients will naturally make assumptions about when and to what level they will return to sports after shoulder instability repair. By thoroughly…Continue Reading

Stem Cell Therapy for Treating Arthritis

With 100 different types currently identified, arthritis is the leading cause of disability in America. These many different arthritis conditions impact people of all demographics, including men and women, children and adults, and all races. Though each form of arthritis is unique, general arthritis symptoms include pain, swelling, stiffness, and decreased range of motion in…

Why Today’s Top Athletes are Looking to Stem Cells Instead of Surgery

Top athletes in sports ranging from soccer to golf are hardly strangers to joint, muscle, and ligament pain. Uncomfortable and debilitating injuries, from tennis elbow to ACL tears, have the potential to not only exclude players from their favorite games, but also put them at risk of suffering through risky and inefficient surgeries. This is…Continue Reading

Platelet-Rich Plasma Protect Against Cartilage Degeneration (Chondrocyte Death)

Osteoarthritis is a debilitating condition that affects millions of Americans. It is a widely accepted clinical practice to treat osteoarthritis with intra-articular injections of corticosteroids and local anesthetics, which have established benefits in reducing pain and increasing the range of motion of the affected joints. However, these drugs can potentially lead to tissue degeneration and…Continue Reading


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