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Using PRP as a Regenerative Treatment for Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy

Rotator cuff tendinopathy (RCT) is a common and bothersome condition that impacts professional athletes and average citizens alike. As a frequent cause of shoulder pain, rotator cuff tendinopathy has the potential to minimize a patient’s range of motion, restrict basic functions, and diminish quality of life. This is exactly why leveraging the very best and…Continue Reading

Blind versus Guided Injections

As biologics like PRP and stem cells have become more popular over the years, more health care providers are offering them in their clinics. Many factors go into how effective the treatment will be, and one of those is how the product is injected into the area. The two ways to inject a joint are…Continue Reading

Bone Marrow Stem Cells Gold Standard

Many times, we get patients who call the office who want to get stem cell procedures done, but they aren’t sure why different clinics use different types of cells. The type and location of the cell you are using makes a huge difference in the outcome and success of the treatment. For starters, in the…Continue Reading

Biologics and Knee Repairs

Treatment of torn articular cartilage and menisci can include removing the flap. Some clinicians are too quick to say that if you take out a portion of the meniscus, that the patient will go on to develop articular cartilage damage or arthritis. What they neglect to mention is that the same thing will happen if…Continue Reading

Baby Boomer are Turning to Stem Cells for Joint Pain Relief

As the baby boomers generation ages, chronic joint pain has become an increasingly common medical concern. Men and women alike want to maintain their mobility and stay active beyond their 60s and 70s, but standard joint pain care doesn’t always make that possible. This is why so many baby boomers are turning to stem cell…Continue Reading

Why Arthroscopic Knee Surgery WITH Stem Cells Delivers Better Results

The knee joint can be considered an organ, with different parts acting in unison: Articular cartilage Fibrocartilage (meniscus) Synovium (the lining) Subchondral bone (bone under the articular cartilage) Surrounding ligaments Muscular tendinous insertions Bursae Knee pain can result from a number of different afflictions, so there are several different approaches to treating these conditions, including Continue Reading

Knee Stem Cell Injection for Osteoarthritis May Be All You Need

A recent scientific study shows success in treating osteoarthritis with bone marrow aspiration concentrate(BMAC) stem cell injections versus treatment with acetaminophen. For the past eleven years, Dr. Bennett has had great success treating a variety of body parts including hips, knees and shoulders with platelet rich plasma and/or stem cell(BMAC) injections, helping patients avoid surgery…Continue Reading

Tennis Elbow PRP Successful Study Shows

Lateral epicondylitis is an overuse injury, also referred to as “tennis elbow” because of the repetitive motion made in tennis that puts stress on the extensor muscles. Which treatment protocol is followed is determined by the history of the patient as well as severity of the injury. At Bennett Orthopedics and Sportsmedicine, Dr. Bennett notes…Continue Reading

The Best Use of Stem Cell Therapy During Rotator Cuff Repair

A rotator cuff tear is an incredibly painful injury that does not always respond to non-surgical repair methods. Dr. William Bennett of Bennett Orthopedics and Sportsmedicine in Sarasota, Florida has always been on the cutting edge of rotator cuff repair treatment. He has evaluated patients’ shoulders arthroscopically since 1995, and was one of the first…Continue Reading

Everything You Should Know about Stem Cell Therapy in Orthopedic Surgery

Never before have scientists and doctors better understood the behavior of stem cells and their potential to support healing in orthopedic applications. Dr. William Bennett of Bennett Orthopedics and Sportsmedicine, for example, is one of the only orthopedic surgeons between Tampa and Ft. Myers who continually researches and develops new techniques like stem cell therapy.…Continue Reading


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